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  • intended to heat family and apartment houses, administrative buildings and non-residential rooms as well;
  • suitable for warm water central heating systems with maximum water operation over-pressure of 12 bar;
  • high efficiency, perfect solution also for heat pumps;
  • economical operation, low energy consumption and environment protection;
  • OC System – a comprehensive range of heating radiators/convectors equipped with fans and optimised as regards noise, heat output and energy consumption;
  • rapid start of heating - effectiveness, environmental friendliness and energy savings;
  • models with fans belong to the S-Control low-energy product line;
  • usable with all sources of energy (heat pumps, gas, electricity, solar heat, wood and biomass);
  • innovative technical and design solutions;
  • intended for heating and cooling;
  • multiple type variants available: Economic, Exclusive, Inox and InPool  


Floor convectors

Cover grilles and decorative frames

For floor convectors KORAFLEX


Free standing convectors


Wall mounted convectors

Special convectors

Facade convectors and heat exchangers

OC systems

Convectors with optimized convection